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Listen and discuss the upcoming All County here. If there are any questions about the music from students and teacher please feel free to post.


From Tom Davis | On March 02, 2015 @12:33 am
Hey Ryan! I think we resolved it all this weekend! And Man, you played GREAT!
From Ryan Barski | On February 05, 2015 @07:29 pm
Hey Mr. Davis! It's Ryan Barski, the drummer for the senior high jazz ensemble. I have a couple of questions for some of the songs that we are going to play. While listening to the recording that you provided for the song Back Bone, it was hard to follow the chart because they didn't play the ink. I'm not sure on how to tackle the song, when I don't have the road map. It looks like they play the opening and repeat the solo section 3 or so times, and then end up somewhere else. I really enjoy the song though. For La Camorra I was wondering if the accelerando match the recording so I can get a feel for how fast we will end up. Again another cool song. For now those are the only questions that I have, but if I have more I'll let you know! Thanks, Ryan

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