The Vision of an Architect's 

Commissioned by the 2007-2008 
St. Louis, Missouri Metropolitan District Eight 
Middle School Jazz Ensemble

Eero's Dream is about the Gateway Arch. I have never seen this monument in person but I have been researching the structure and its meaning since Mr. Jeff Pottinger from Chaminade Preparatory School contacted me to write this piece. 

There are some interesting facts that helped me construct the work. For example - the structure is in the form of a Cantilever Arch, the shape that a chain takes when suspended from both ends. If you listen carefully to the piece it takes on what composers call an Arch Form - meaning that the beginning and the end are similar while the middle of the piece rises to an exciting high point. 

Another fact that inspired me as I began working on the piece was its size. It is 630 feet tall and 630 feet wide. I used the numbers 6 and 3 to represent melodic intervals so you should notice that there are a number of 3rds and 6ths in the melody. (I used the 0 to represent a step or change of direction in the melody). 

If I were to describe a plot line that was the inspiration for the mood of this piece it would be something like this: Imagine standing at the base of the Arch looking up at the top. Then, suddenly you were able to slowly and silently lift from the ground and view the Arch from any angle or height. This piece is about that imaginary trip. Floating, circling, viewing - EXHILARATION at the top - and settling back to the ground with a new perspective and respect for the structure and the men who built it. 

So now, I ask you - What does Eero have to do with any of this? Email me at and I will post your comments "Blog Style" on this page. 

Here are a few concepts or tips that will help you get the concept the way I want it. 

DRUMS Use bundled rattan sticks like the 
Pro Mark Cool Rod or Lightening Rod Sticks. Also - please PRACTICE WITH THE AUDIO FILE! 

SYNTH Look for a Warm Pad on your Synth - General Midi Number 90 or 91. 

SOLOISTS I uploaded and audio file that has a loop of the chord changes. 
For a worksheet on Improvisation please click the following link. I it is a tutorial on improvising within one key center. It is worth the read as it will give you some great insight on the approach to improvising on this tune. 
Eero's Dream Improvisation Tips

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