"Tom's music is sophisticated, smart and fun and his compositions  provide a fantastic bridge between the educational and professional  music worlds.  If I was leading a younger band, I would stock my library full of his  music! 

"JAMES WARRICK, Educator, New Trier HS Jazz Ensembles
"Tom  has written something for every level of jazz ensemble. The hard part  is picking something to play because my students love them all!"

FRED STURM - Former Director of Jazz Studies, Lawrence University - "I've  admired Tom's writing and teaching for over two decades. He nurtures,  inspires, and ignites his students with dedication, ingenuity, and  unbridled love for teaching. His creativity as a composer/arranger has  sparked and evolved continuously throughout his run as an educator.  generating smart, imaginative materials for beginners and hip artistic  offerings for collegiate and professional ensembles. One trip through  Tom's web site will illustrate the scope of his numerous  accomplishments.

"WALTER AVELLANEDA - NMEA Division IV Chairperson  
Tom  Davis conducted the NMEA Division IV Jazz Ensemble. Over the course of  the weekend it was evident that his ability to work with our students  was phenomenal. Rehearsals were fast paced, exciting, and  filled with  so many great learning experiences. The students had an instant  connection with Tom and his music which made for a great musical  experiences. After hours of hard work, the result was a truly personal  performance from out students that they will never forget. It was a  pleasure to host Tom Davis and I couldn't be happier with the results!

DANA WILSON - Composer, Professor, Ithaca College School of Music  
"As  composer, arranger, conductor, educator and jazz performer, Tom  Davis  brings that rare combination to his music of vitality and  playability.   Tom has incredible insights into what young players are  capable of,  while also challenging them with great writing and fresh and  exciting  ideas."

JAMES BYRN, Caston Bands, IMEA Exhibits Chair 
Mr.  Davis is not only a fantastic composer, he is a world class educator.  He has not only sought my input for the piece we are commissioning, he  has sought the input of my students.  Early in the commissioning journey  my students have already had valuable educational experiences and I am  excited not only about the piece, but about the learning experiences my  students will have along the way.

DR. TIM HOWE- Assistant Professor of Music, Arkansas Tech 
"Thank  you for collaborating with the Arkansas Tech Jazz Ensemble on  INSTRUMENT of JUSTICE. In every classroom encounter the students made  significant leaps in learning and comprehension about jazz music and  performance. It is rare to find a clinician who has such tremendous  artistic and educational skills together."

DAN FABRICIOUS - NYSSMA Instrumental Jazz Review 
"This  music pushes the boundaries and still stays within the big band   context that we work with.  And Tom has also come up with a way for   students and teachers to easily immerse themselves in his music on his   site.  My own students have really loved playing Tom’s music and I hope   other teachers will share it with their students!"

BILL TIBERIO  - Director, Fairport (NY) High Jazz Program and former president NYS Chapter of IAJE 
"I  am always seeking out fresh and innovative material for my high  school  jazz bands.  Tom's new charts are challenging and musically  rewarding.   The tunes explore new pathways in large ensemble writing,  and allow  for very personal statements of creativity by the players and  their  director.  I appreciate his "raising the bar," and hope that other   writers will be influenced and encouraged by some of the risks Tom has   taken with this recent output."

HOWARD POTTER - Eastman School of Music Community Ed Division, Director, Eastman Jazz Educators Jazz Orchestra - 
"These  are great pieces - contemporary in style, well crafted works  which  will I know your high school / college students will really  enjoy!